Church Planting 101- Part 1 The nuts and bolts of preparation

As we have begun the process of planting Greater Philadelphia Baptist Church, I’ve looked over and over websites and books for a concise “how-to” on the process of getting the ball rolling. Lots of good stuff out there, but most of it is philosophy and methodology not necessarily resources. One thing I see is that a strong characteristic of church planter’s is a spirit of being a “self-starter”.

Here are some quick resources I’ve used and come across that have helped. Over the next several months we’ll add to this series of blog posts with particulars for each step.

Web design- with a theme from

Web hosting-


Financial/Legal forms-

Graphic design- Adobe Creative Suites (any suite- I’m currently working off of CS3 for Photoshop/Illustrator and CS2 for InDesign) *I’d recommend shopping for prices. Amazon is a good place to start.

Power Point Ideas-

Video- definitely a guy to follow Andrew Garcia- Gave great advice on equipment and set-up for our church plant video.

Brochures- customized-; best prices- best customer service-



Picture Displays- for our family picture on display at our table. We used an 8 x 12 standout.

Church Database Software- just met Steve Allinson who owns and developed Shining Light Technologies. 1 free year for church plants. We have looked at several database systems and found this to be the most cost-effective and versatile to meet our needs. This is a picture of the missions center at Faith Baptist of Fairless Hills, PA. Incredible touch screen technology that puts the missionaries right at your finger tips.

These are most of the resources we have used in preparing for the role out of the church in September. We’ll have more specifics on these is the coming months.

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