Dream Big Dreams

As we are in the midst of planning, praying, and preparing for the biggest step of our lives, I can’t help but think about the thoughts going through my head as a little kid. I can remember it like yesterday. It was Thanksgiving day and my folks had loaded us up in the family station wagon to head down to Philadelphia. We were on our way to a soup kitchen to feed the homeless for Thanksgiving.

The curiosity and wonder that filled my head also made room for fears and discomfort. I was definitely out of my comfort zone as we stopped at a light and there right next to my window was a guy selling “Philly” pretzels. A little too close for comfort.

I fast forward to my college days when I began to realize that in God’s economy, He takes our fears and places us right in the thick of them. He takes our weaknesses and exposes them. He emphasizes the disabilities to reveal His miraculous abilities. He showed that He calms the fears and He is strong where I’m weak. All of this is done in an effort to convince me that life is not about me, up to me, or because of me. It is all about God, up to God, and because of God.

So again, we fast forward to the present. God is sending us to a community just outside of Philadelphia. The place once feared would now become our home, our place of work, our place of worship, our city. Isn’t it amazing how God’s economy works?

We have hundreds of thousands we will work with, minister to, share the gospel with, cry with, rejoice with, worship with and establish churches with, all for the glory of God. This is a task far beyond my human comprehension and my ability. I know me, but I also know my God. And so the ethereal, seemingly intangible dreams of yester-year are becoming the reality of a great God who has an immense heart to see the people of Clifton Heights and greater Philadelphia come to know His Son as their Savior.

God has opened a door for us to begin working with families and make several profitable contacts in the area, and we haven’t even begun deputation! Our prayer is for 10 saved and committed families from the greater Philadelphia area to be ready to go on the opening day in September. God has answered with one family already. Now we continue to pray for the next nine!

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